Our Mission Statement

Enrich the lives of children with disabilities by providing memorable experiences that cultivate joy, confidence and inclusion. We believe all children, regardless of their abilities, deserve to feel joy. Guiding us in our mission is our focus on our core values: equality, opportunity and happiness.

Our Vision

To create an environment where all individuals feel included and experience joy on a daily basis.

How does Q&A work?

Our foundation aims to raise awareness and acceptance of children living with disabilities in our community. We do this through our Joy, Confidence & Inclusion Programs. Our Joy Program welcomes children with disabilities along with their siblings and families to join us at seasonal events to build their communities and experience joy together. Our Confidence Program partners children with disabilities with a buddy to promote a safe experience to push their limits and have fun at various events. We also use funding to provide experiences in our community to children with disabilities year round through our Inclusion Program. Our hope is that we build the relationships and confidence of individuals with disabilities in a safe and welcoming environment so they feel confident in every situation to have fun and be themselves. We host fundraisers throughout the year to make all of these programs possible!

Our Promise

We promise to attempt to change the way the world views disabilities and differences every day by offering education and promoting inclusion. We promise to be there for families and their children by providing fun experiences, educational resources and a safe space for discussion. We promise to dream big for you, and provide new experiences every year to foster growth.

Long Term Goals

How Q&A Began

The Q&A Foundation was created by two mothers, Morgan and Ashlee, hoping to make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities. Q&A stands for Quinn & Annie, their daughters that have Down syndrome. Annie was born in June of 2018 and Quinn in April of 2019. Morgan met Ashlee on the phone the night she received her prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis for Quinn. Morgan was brought back to the day she received her prenatal diagnosis and she felt all the weight Ashlee was carrying… Fear of the unknown and the grief of losing the future you envisioned. Morgan reminded Ashlee that no child can have their future laid out for them before they are born.

This is something Morgan learned throughout her pregnancy up until Annie was born. After Annie’s arrival, Morgan learned everything she needed to from Annie and started “Team Annie,” a group that would fundraise to bring positive awareness to individuals living with Down syndrome. When Quinn arrived, Ashlee immediately found this same encouragement from her daughter and established “Quinn’s Flock” to also raise awareness about Down syndrome. These experiences created a passion in these women to change the way the world views difference so that it is not feared, but rather embraced as a beautiful addition to our world.

Quinn and Annie created a connection between Morgan and Ashlee. Their friendship grew and so did their desire to make a difference for their daughters and other children living with disabilities. During the holiday season of 2020, Morgan and Ashlee started a campaign together to donate gifts to children to make their holiday extra special. The appreciation and joy that was felt throughout this process is what ultimately led to “Team Annie” and “Quinn’s Flock” becoming the Q&A Foundation.

Executive Board

Morgan Oestreich, Co-Founder

Morgan Oestreich, Co-Founder

Morgan Oestreich is one of the Co-Founders of the Q&A Foundation, as well as a photographer. Morgan manages the social media accounts and continues to push the limits of how the foundation can grow. Most importantly, she is a mother to Annie and her younger daughter Gracie. Morgan joined the executive board in 2021.

Ashlee Wallace, Co-Founder

Ashlee Wallace, Co-Founder

Ashlee Wallace is one of the Co-Founders of the Q&A Foundation, as well as an employee for Schneider. Ashlee manages the foundation's brand and loves networking to push for inclusion. Most importantly, she is a mother to Quinn and her oldest son, Vaughn. Ashley joined the executive board in 2021.

Jena Dean, Secretary

Jena Dean, Secretary

Jena Dean is the secretary of the Q&A foundation, as well as a physical education teacher at West De Pere High School. Jena oversees board meetings and helps organize and schedule volunteers. She has a 2 year old son and another on the way. Jena joined the executive board in 2021.

Jill LaCount, Treasurer

Jill LaCount has worked with multiple nonprofit organizations and is also an employee with Georgia-Pacific. Jill is the treasurer for Q&A and is excited to be a part of this ground breaking organization for children and their families. Most importantly she is the Great Aunt to Co-Founder Ashlee’s children Quinn and Vaughn, so this is very dear to her heart. Jill joined the executive board in 2021.

Heather Goodwin, Fundraising Administrator

Heather Goodwin has previous involvement being on local nonprofit boards and is thrilled to be a part of the Q&A Foundation. Heather is also in sales at Schneider where she connected with Ashlee years ago. Their friendship has grown and led to sharing a passion of supporting one another. Heather joined the executive board in 2021.


Thank You Q&A!

Thank you, Q&A for your amazing model call event! Our daughter is not typically very social but she sure opened up that night! She felt so relaxed and comfortable in the environment you provided. I could truly see her Joy as she sang and engaged in various activities you had planned. I appreciate this opportunity for our daughter, and look forward to more events in the future! You are going to do amazing things!!